Casa Vazquez

A new home in an old motorcycle shop in the Village Neighborhood of Downtown Jersey City.  The existing building extends 95' from street to alley and from neighboring building to neighboring building.  The result is a dark and inwardly focused space.  While this may seem like a major obstacle to creating a home for a family of four, we see it as a wonderful opportunity to re-imagine what a townhouse can be.  

In order to introduce daylight and air to the interior of the building, we propose removing a portion of the roof and creating an interior court.  This has the dual benefit of making the adjacent living spaces and guest bedroom brighter and more comfortable while maintaining an unusually high degree of privacy for an urban home.

Additionally, we propose connecting the ground floor court with a second floor roof deck for extra outdoor space.  The south facing roof deck can also be accessed from the second floor master suite via floor to ceiling bi-fold doors.  The remainder of the second floor is occupied with three bedrooms and a generous skylight over the stair that brings additional light into the heart of the home.