Mission House

Designed and built for a young man in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, this home needed to meet his current desire to have a bachelor pad while being able to evolve into a family residence as he grew older.  This meant building flexibility into the arrangement and enclosure of rooms.  The billiards room and cigar lounge could be converted into bedrooms while the ground floor apartment could later become an office. 

The house also needed to relate to the neighboring buildings visually while embracing a decidedly non-Victorian appearance.  This was achieved by layering the façade with a large projecting bay window clad in zinc panels, a recessed, stacked porch wrapped in wood siding and a tall, thin stucco stair core. 

The focus of the house, however, is the central living space with its dramatic stair and catwalk elements.  The stair rises three stories and is built of visually light blackened steel.  The catwalk connects the lounge to one of the front balconies.  The space is covered with a series of dramatic arching trusses.

Completed with Zack | de Vito Architecture