Waldo Loft

What started as the simple expansion of a second bedroom to accommodate a new child became an effort to improve a space that seemed "un-designed" in the first place.  The original layout had several awkward leftover spaces, too little storage and no clear identity.

We expanded the bedroom by removing a closet and pushing a wall out into the living space.  In order to make up the lost storage, we added a smaller closet and a couple of built in cabinets in formerly under-utilized spaces.  The angled wall softens the impact of the lost living space by creating a small nook for a built in office. 

The angled wall is clad in full height wood panels and extends back toward the kitchen where a series of full height cabinets are incorporated for additional storage.  The cabinets wrap into the kitchen and the existing peninsula is reworked to create a more open space.  Another under-utilized space near a supporting beam is incorporated into the master closet and provides the backdrop for additional full height cabinets.  All of the new cabinets and wall paneling are in a matching wood species and receive special illumination to establish the clean and clear identity that was previously lacking.